In the Master’s chair: Installation thoughts

First of all, a huge thanks to all those who attended my installation.

It was a fantastic evening and one I’ll never forget thanks to my father-in-law, Wor. Bro. Spooner, installing me and my uncle, Wor. Bro. Williams, giving one of the charges. My father-in-law’s speech to me at the Festive board will long live on the memory, and not just because it was almost an exact replica of the wedding speech he gave a few years ago, but because it was sincere, heartfelt and hilarious.

Actually, an installation is a lot like a wedding, save for the obvious lack of ladies in attendance. First, there’s the stressful build-up, which feels especially long in Jersey thanks to our tradition of visiting every lodge as part of our perambulations to sell tickets. I managed to get to every lodge and had a fantastic time at each, with some meetings being extra special like the Lodge of Unity and their Saturday morning meeting where every office was held by a member of the Rondel family for the very first time.

The perambulations not only provide the opportunity to see Brethren from all of our lodges, but it also means we can compare our lodge with others in the Province in the hope of being able to change our lodges for the better. And I certainly learnt a lot.

My lodge, De Carteret 3459, has some of the most popular and knowledgeable Freemasons in Jersey. We’re probably in a mid-to-top tier when it comes to our ceremonies too, although every lodge was fantastic in this regard.

We are definitely behind a number of Jersey lodges when it comes to charity though and I saw some fantastic ways to raise money at the Festive Board that were fun and engaging like an open the box game, play your cards right and, of course, the obligatory raffle with a difference.

I was lucky enough to attend most of those perambulation visits with another Master-Elect, (now) Wor. Bro. Maindonald. Not only did we compare notes and ticket sales throughout the very hectic month we had together, but we had fun doing it and one of our main takeaways was for our lodges to have more fun and to do more together.

The Installation evening itself seemed to fly by in a haze of aprons, wands and words, as well as an official Provincial visit and a sea of expectant faces. The work to lead the lodge starts now though and I do hope that positive change, supportive senior Brethren and a high numbers of visiting Brethren will make this not just a night to remember, but a whole year never to forget.

Yours fraternally,

Wor. Bro. Martyn White, Worshipful Master, De Carteret Lodge 3459

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